What is RP?

RP stands for roleplay. Which in our server it basically means we have a currency, and you can buy things from shops. It also means you can have a job which you use to sell things to the general store.

What is the currency?

Currently the currency is gold bars, yet we may be introducing a smaller currency (like cents or pence.)

What's the IP?

The IP is:

Do we get toolkits?

It wouldn't really be RP if you could magicaly spawn items out of midair, would it? But once you have chosen your profession you will be able to request a ONE time offer of a iron tool which is relevant to your profession.

What are the different jobs?

Peasant - Sell odds and ends, no real purpose. (lawl)

Lumberjack - Chops wood and sells it, also tends to tree farms.

Miner - Mines ores and stone.

Farmer - Grows crops and sells the produce (includes cacti)

General Store Employee - Works under the manager in the Genral Store- I am the manager (ieatoakcats)

Blacksmith - Uses the stone and ores from the miners to make tools and armour.

How can I apply for a job?

Ask any OP, listed in the forum thread here.

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