XOMGamingx 2

xOMGamingx - The Leader

Originally this was going to show every player thats been on the server for atleast a day but since we get so much traffic this would be inconvenient. Therefore this page will show the leader and all the OP's (Operators.)



  • ViZioN207 (Trusted Explorer)
  • Sepinox (Random dude that has been good to us)
  • Grobokopatel (Friend)
  • Songii (one of the co-founders)
  • Furaiz (the other co-founder)
  • NDest (Farmerpersonmanthatsjustawesome)
  • ieatoakcats (arandompersonwhorunsthegeneneralstorebecuasehe'sreallyawesomesodontinnoyhim)

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