Main town

The Main Town

Welcome to RP'D Server WikiEdit

RP'D server is a server on a game called Minecraft, the best game you've never heard of!

We are a growing RP server, which has devoloped extremely quickly in the past month.

For more information view our forum thread: Here

The IP for our server is:

It is open Mon-Fri from 6:40am-3:15pm or later Sat-Sun: Most of the time :D (Central US time)

Don't worry if your not from the US though, we have a strong European fan base aswell!

New players, LIEK EVERYWHAR!Edit

Recently, the amount of players on the server has started to cause the server to crash infrequently, this means that a whitelist or a playercap is going to be implemented, therefore combating the issues.

Latest activityEdit

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